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Thrifting in Oroville

Ready to embark on a thrifting adventure? Explore Oroville’s small-town thrift stores that deliver big deals. Meet friendly locals and, of course, uncover some incredible thrift store treasures. Pack your bags, bring your sense of curiosity, and discover hidden treasures in Oroville WA!


2nd Chances Boutique - 1402 Main St

Walk into 2nd Chances and you’ll know you have found a gem. This boutique offers fantastic thrifting opportunities, a welcoming atmosphere and boasts beautifully displayed items. The owner’s background as a former merchandiser at Nordstrom’s really shines as you walk in the door! 2nd Chances has a carefully curated and diverse selection of pre-loved items waiting to be discovered. From vintage clothing to quirky home decor, come see what’s new at 2nd Chances. Read a local's review on Second Chances. Check out Second Chances Boutique on Facebook.


The Wright Place - 811 Appleway

Small towns are known for their tight-knit communities, and the people you meet can be just as fascinating as the treasures you find. The Wright Place is a great place to find great treasures AND connect with locals.  This well appointed shop is connected to My Place Coffee & Cream. You can smell the coffee brewing as you linger over their beautiful displays of new and used items. At The Wright Place, you are sure to leave with a bag full of bargains. Check out The Wright Place on Facebook.


Warehouse Thrift - 1412 Ironwood

Thrifters drive for miles to hit Warehouse Thrift. There is lots to see in this HUGE warehouse space (thus the name!). This thrift store carries second hand and new items with regular shipments from Costco overstock and other container purchases. And to sweeten the deal, the friendly store owner has a passion for community and donates a percentage of proceeds back to local charities. There is always a deal to be had and an opportunity to lend a hand at Warehouse Thrift. Check out Warehouse Thrift on Facebook.


Vicki's Unique Boutique - 1415 Main

Like the name indicates,  you can find some very unique treasures at Vicki’s Unique Boutique. Thrifting often opens the door to creative possibilities and there are plenty of items at Vicki’s that are waiting to have new life breathed into them. Get inspired by your thrift store finds and find DIY projects and upcycling ideas. From turning vintage clothes into trendy outfits to repurposing old furniture, find your new treasure at Vicki’s. Check out Vicki's on Facebook.


Small-town thrifting is not just a shopping spree; it's an exploration of culture, community, and the joy of finding beauty in unexpected places. So come discover Oroville WA. See more... 


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