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Chesaw 4th of July Rodeo 2024

For more than 80 years, the folks of Chesaw, WA come together and host the Chesaw 4th of July Rodeo, an old fashioned family rodeo.

You won’t find this rodeo on any rodeo circuit but you will find some great talent, exciting events, and a lot of family fun. 

The Chesaw Rodeo Club kicks off the festivities on July 3rd with a family dance at the fire hall (next to the arena).  On July 4th, family games start at 10:00AM and the Chesaw Parade at 12:30. 

The rodeo begins after the parade and events include bronc riding, cow riding, calf roping & scramble, barrels, bareback riding, wild cow milking, as well as the much-loved and hilarious children’s chicken scramble. Rodeo clowns are on deck to keep spectators entertained and participants safe. And if you’re feeling cowboy, you can sign up the day of to try your luck at riding a wild cow. 

During the event, you will find clothing vendors, craft booths and food trucks throughout the town. Dry camping is available too. And don’t forget to squeeze in and visit the famous Chesaw Tavern, a local favorite. It’s packed during the rodeo for good reason!

Chesaw 4th of July Rodeo is Thursday July 4, 2024 at Chesaw Rodeo Grounds approximately 20 miles east of Oroville, WA

Visit the Chesaw Rodeo’s Facebook page for more details - 


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