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Jet Ski Races: Lake Osoyoos Cup August 3-4, 2024

Tune up your jet skis, the Lake Osoyoos Cup is coming back this summer to Oroville, Washington on August 3-4, 2024. As part of the PNW WaterX Racing Circuit, the Lake Osoyoos Cup is the final race of the summer-long jet ski racing circuit hosted by the PNW WaterX Racing Community. Located at Oroville’s Deep Bay Park, the event will feature live music, a beer garden and lots of family fun with Oroville’s Summer Family Festival happening simultaneously at the park. 

More About Lake Osoyoos Cup

Starting April 27-28, 2024, racers on this jet ski racing circuit travel throughout Washington from Elma to Moses Lake back to Elma then on to Pateros and finally Oroville to compete in these action packed races. 

The circuit culminates on August 3-4, 2024 at Deep Bay Park in Oroville, Washington. Racers can pre-register here <link available soon> or register the morning of the event. Day One starts with registration and a rider’s meeting followed by a course orientation and a two day racing competition.

Classes for racers include: 

  • Ski Stock 4 Stroke (1050-1500)

  • Women’s Ski Stock 4 Stroke (1050-1500)

  • Ski Beginner (550-800cc 2 Stroke)

  • Ski Open GP (Any Ski)

  • Ski Junior (10-15 2 Stroke Lites Skis Only)

  • Ski 2 Stroke Lites

  • X2 Vintage/ Sport Spec

  • Women’s Ski 2 Stroke Lites

  • Ski 2 Stroke (No AM Hull)

  • Ski Vintage (550-650)

  • Ski Vet Open (35+)

Don’t miss the 2024 Lake Osoyoos Cup Jet Ski Races. It promises to be an exciting and fun filled event! 

For more information see the PNW WaterX Racing Community’s Facebook group


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