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Old Molson Ghost Town

The Old Molson Ghost Town Museum is an outdoor collection of pioneer buildings and equipment. The history of this beautiful and seemingly peaceful pioneer town is full of intrigue as well as heartwarming stories of hardworking families.

Visitors can explore the authentic pioneer town, view fascinating farming machinery and tour the inside of several buildings, including the old Molson bank and pioneer cabins. The pioneer cabins are staged with items to reflect daily life and historical black and white photos throughout the ghost town bring the history to life.

The outdoor museum exhibit was established by Harry Sherling in 1960 in remembrance of the rich pioneering history of Old Molson. Visitors can explore the ghost town year round during daylight hours. Admission to the ghost town is free and donations are welcomed. And remember to bring your camera for the picturesque setting and surrounding area.

For more on the history of Molson, be certain to visit the Molson Schoolhouse Museum located just up the road. For more information, visit Molson Museum website.

Molson is 15 miles NE of Oroville. From Oroville, follow the signs from the intersection of Main and Central (at the gas station) towards Chesaw Road. Follow Chesaw Road for 10 miles until you see Molson Road on the left. Turn left onto Molson Road and follow it for 5 miles until you reach the town of Molson.


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